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Two Moons and one Earth existed once upon a time

 Two Moons and one Earth existed once upon a timeThis is not a story.

Professor Erik Asphaug from the University of California has come up with a theory : when the Earth and Moon were formed some 30 million to 130 millions years ago, there were two moons for the planet Earth.

It is reported that evidences of remains of second moon  are seen in the other side of the existing moon. This other side cannot be seen directly from the Earth. The prediction is that the sucked moon would have orbited Earth at the same speed as that of the existing moon.

The suggestion is in line with the existing theory that the larger bodies of planets collided or sucked to form new planets. Our solar system with about 20 early planets has now just 9 planets. If this theory is followed there is a scope to explore each planet to know about the original number of moons they had.

Another latest theory suggests that 10 billion years ago, our Milky Way galaxy smashed into its neighbouring Andromeda galaxy. This theory even queries about the present understanding of gravity. Scientists believe that the gravitation does not behave as explained by conventional Newtonian theory when it involves large-scale galaxies and huge gravitational forces.

Excluding the understanding about Dark matter or Dark energy, we can simply now believe that once  Earth had  two moons. The total balanced gravitational force involving Sun, earth, moons and the adjacent planets was not enough to keep them as one entity. Therefore, the Earth had to be content with one moon.

But our Milky Way and adjacent galaxy have not sucked each other because it involves huge gravitational force.

 Two Moons and one Earth existed once upon a timeThis one moon in our planet itself is an inspiration in many ways. Particularly all the faces of the beautiful women so far born in this planet earth have been compared with this one moon. Enough. Before the advent of telescopes, people could see only the fair moon with its brightness. People would not know that the moon had no light of its own. It was only light reflected from the sun. They also did not have information that the surface of moon was so rough and dotted with a lot of craters.

But the old poets are not ready to leave that old habit of using a moon simile. What would have happened if Earth had two moons?