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Can Lord Ram help BJP win over the castes in UP?

Lucknow, July 7 (): The efforts to revive Ram temple issue by the BJP is a calculated step to target UP voters. The first attempt by BJP on this issue culminated in the demolition of Babri Masjid. It paid rich dividends by crowning BJP both in Lucknow and Delhi. Later the issue died down. The BJP had to water down their rhetoric in coalition politics.

Now with almost all allies in NDA breaking away from BJP, there is no compulsion for BJP to be  restrained on this issue.

Old faces like Vajpayee, Advani are either retired or forced to keep a low profile. The young heads like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah are given free hand in BJP.

The state of Uttar Pradesh representing 80 MPs is still a deciding factor in paving the way of power corridors of Delhi. Mulayam Singh Yadhav, Mayawati and Rahul Gandhi occupy prime space in the divided UP politics. The BJP has no leader with a solid caste base or support base in UP. BJP has to do a lot of works to move up from fourth position to third position.

UP is now more polarized by caste fissures than religious lines. The caste is more personal and appealing than a religious sentiment. For example, honour killings, violence against dalits are day-to-day affairs in India. The caste violence is very common and frequent in the country. The religious divide and polarization comes mostly in social and communal area through large-scale violence. Therefore, if there is a fight between caste and religion, the caste will be a clear winner.

            Can Lord Ram help BJP win over the castes in UP?

Caste in India means an artificial chopping off of the population into fixed and definite units, each one prevented from fusing into another through the custom of endogamy.

Take the case study of Ilavarasan – Divya love story in Tamil Nadu. Both belonged to Hindu religion. The Dalit boy loved a Vanniyar girl. They married. There was a caste violence. Dalit colonies in Dharmapuri district were vandalized. The boy has passed away either by murder or suicide. Ultimately the most affected will be the caste which is in the last step of the caste ladder.

If it is violence, the powerful upper caste should always win. This holds good in all parts of India. In the hierarchical caste system, everyone except the lowest sub caste of the Scheduled Castes belongs to upper caste. This upper caste in social order  should not be confused with Forward castes classified for exclusion in the reservation system for education and employment.

But in politics, it has become a number game since ballot is the only non violent method for a change. Therefore each caste in India has to consolidate and mobilize itself and divide the rest of the communities by inciting caste and violence. The Dalit vs Vanniyar solidarity goes against the interests of upper castes in Tamil Nadu. Therefore it is broken now. At this moment it is easier for upper castes in Tamil Nadu to enjoy a favourable  teacher’s recruitment  with not much opposition from SC or OBC people. Similarly, such combinations shall evolve and will be broken all over India to keep the upper castes in powerful position.

UP has been polarized already on caste lines. There will be a  fight between Backward Caste and Dalit community as long as upper castes are divided. Mulayam and Mayawati have emerged as leaders who can accommodate other communities in claiming power. The UP formula of Congress Party uniting Brahmin -Dalit- Muslim ( BDM) has been broken. The BJP’s formula of gathering all Hindu castes in one umbrella has also been tried with one time success. Those were the times of Doordarshan monopoly. At that time the whole country watched Ramayan in TV and the people were temporarily tuned to think as Hindus. But, the present social media cannot achieve such a focus.

For BJP, to consolidate Hindu votes it has to overcome the caste divide. A permanent integration of castes in India is impossible. The occasions of assassination of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Ram Temple Movement have fetched results once. Such occasions and emotional decisions of voters can no more be relied upon.

Sensing this, Narendra Modi has been projected as a man for development bringing the economy of the country to the forefront. But polarizing the votes by inciting Ram Temple issue in UP is a backward step. The BJP will be beaten by the caste lords Mulayam and Mayawati. BJP has nothing to offer to other backward castes, Dalit and Muslims in UP. In fact, BJP is considered anti-Muslim in India. This image will be more damaging to BJP when it promotes Narendra Modi and his team even if they propose a good growth model.

In a Religion Vs Caste war, the Lord is defeated by Man. This is incredible India.