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Chennai Super Kings to open luxury club

Chennai, July 6 () : Chennai Super Kings (CSK) the Indian Premier League team will soon open a resort-style health club in the metropolis. Other areas are retail shops selling sportswear and cricket gear.

The idea is to get more revenue from the non-cricket areas. The move is also seen as a step to gloss over the match fixing scandal in which the team owner Srinivasan’s son in law Gurunathan Meyiappan was involved. Subsequently Srinivasan had to step down from BCCI President post. Chennai Super Kings is owned by Chennai based India Cements.

The membership of the club will be the 21,000 fans who have paid to be members of CSK fans. The CSK is now scouting around Chennai for a 30,000 square feet land either to be bought or taken on long lease. Like all clubs it will have recreational facilities, restaurant ,gym but unlike others it will have a rehab center for cricket players.

The club is tentatively scheduled to function from 2014. CSK is targeting on getting Rs 14 crore which is around 8% of total revenue from merchandising CSK products. The idea is to increase this to 60%.

Sponsorship accounts for 48%. So far this IPL season it has sold one lakh merchandised products. 700 stores account for 73 products that CSK has merchandised. Yet another move is to diversify to motorbike racing and manufacture cricket gear.

Gear worn by motorbike racers will be part of CSK. This will be named Amor Clothing. Switcher the Swiss based company Indian retailer PGC (Tirupur) will supply the lifestyle clothing to CSK. This move comes in the wake of reports that MS Dhoni has a stake in Rhiti a sports management company which manages his business interests and of some other IPL players.

Dhoni is also the Vice President of India Cements. After the match fixing scandal blew up, Gurunath who till then was going around as the team owner, downgraded himself to be a cricket enthusiast.