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Authors to ‘retell’ Shakespeare plays for 21st Century readers

London, June 28 (ANI): British author Jeanette Winterson is all set to pen down a ‘cover version’ of Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’, as a part of a major plan to recreate his works for contemporary readers.

The ‘Hogarth Shakespeare’ project will be started in 2016 coinciding with the 400th death anniversary of the playwright, the BBC reported.

Winterson and Pulitzer-winner Anne Tyler are the first novelists to be commissioned.

Winterson, the writer of ‘Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit’, asserted that all of them have talismanic texts that we have carried around and that carry us around.

She said that she had worked with ‘The Winter’s Tale’ in many disguises for many years and this is a brilliant opportunity to work with it in its own right.

She added that she loves cover versions. (ANI)