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SETC buses now come with pantry, toilet

Chennai, June 26 (): The Tamil Nadu government has rolled out two fully air-conditioned SETC buses with pantry and toilet facilities as part of a pilot project.

A group of passengers who took the State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) bus to Srirangam on Tuesday narrating the experience of their journey said that they were pleasantly surprised after a few minutes of boarding the bus when they were extended a menu card and was asked for their choice of food by uniformed staff.

After sitting on their respective push-back seats, all the passengers, who boarded the bus at around 8:45 am, were asked food of their own choice. All that the passengers travelling in the SETC bus has to do is simply push a button above their seats and the pantry staff will walk over to find out what they need,just like in airlines.

Three varieties of rice will be provided at a cost of Rs 20 each. Breakfast and dinner will also be served at a cost of Rs 15, said an SETC official. As soon as passengers order their choice, it will be conveyed to the officials in Perungalathur and food will be supplied once the vehicle reaches the stop, said the official.

A passenger while disclosing his experience said that travelling in the bus was indeed wonderful. Similar facilities were available only on aircrafts, said R Ramani who was on his way to Srirangam.

The bus also has a microwave oven, a tea-maker and a mini refrigerator for the sake of the passengers. Food brought from home can be heated using microwave. Facilities provided in the bus are a real boon to diabetics and the elderly persons, said a passenger.

The toilet in the bus was designed just like in aeroplanes and was installed with 150-litre tank for collecting the waste which will be disposed off at the depots, said the official adding that there will be no possibilities of bad odour inside the bus.

Officials from government sources also said  that more buses with similar facilities are likely to be introduced in the coming days.