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Raanjhanaa Review

Mumbai, June 21 (): Raanjhanaa is a love story that joins the rank of recent love stories (Aashiqui 2, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani). Through the simple story, the director has taken the unusual path of approaching the genre by exposing the dark side of romance through shades of loss, regret, remorse, and pain.


3.5 / 5


Cast: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Swara Bhaskar
Director: Aanand Rai


Ranjhana is the story of Kundan and his journey from a 13 year old boy in love who goes on to become a committed, spirited young man and whose experiences in life make him the person he is today.

Kundan (Dhanush), a Hindu boy, is in love with Zoya (Sonam Kapoor), a Muslim girl, ever since he was eight. At the age of 13, he confesses his love, but Zoya brushes it aside as a childish crush.

Zoya enters college in Delhi, where she meets and falls in love with a budding politician Akram (Abhay Deol). When she finds some problems in their relationship, she returns to Benaras where she confesses her feelings to her friend Kundan and asks for his help. Here starts the tale of love, betrayal, reclamation and healing that are set against the backdrops of Delhi and Benaras.


Kolaveri Di fame actor and superstar Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush is making his Bollywood debut with Raanjhanaa. Dhanush has done a happy-go-lucky boy role, in which he shows excellence whenever he appears on the screen. The actor does not have the kind of looks that a Bollywood hero is expected to have, but he has become a romantic hero in his Hindi debut, with his acting power. He has proved again the fact that a good actor is not at the mercy of good looks.

Sonam Kapoor’s performance is excellent; she totally captures the power of Raanjhanaa with her performance. She delivers a rock-steady acting, moving from innocence to cynicism, and from demure to worldly-wise in a smooth arc. She has done the emotional ups and downs of a small-town girl perfectly, who grows out of her moorings over a period of nearly ten years.

Abhay Deol has been well chosen for the part of a leader and a political activist but he does not look like a college student.

Of the supporting cast, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub and Swara Bhaskar have done justice to their character.

A.R. Rahman’s music is an added boon for the film and the film is aptly packed with song and dance sequences. ‘Piya Milenge’, ‘Tum Tak’, the title track and ‘Tu Mun Shudi’ are truly captivating.

Anand L. Rai’s direction is paired with the flawless storyline. His excellent direction hooks us to the film from the start to end. He introduces his charming hero with A R Rahman’s “Tum Tak”, a famous number that plays out in the first few minutes of “Raanjhanaa”.


Sonam and Dhanush have a peculiar chemistry. To sum it up, ‘Raanjhanaa’ is charmer.