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Unattractive employees suffer more at workplace

Washington, June 20 (ANI): Unattractive people are more likely to be belittled and bullied at their workplace, a new study has claimed.

Lead investigator Brent Scott, associate professor of management, Michigan State University, said that even though people like to think that they are professional and mature in the workplace, it can be just like high school.

Early researches have found that attractive students tend to be more popular in school.

The researchers surveyed 114 workers at a health care facility in the southeastern United States and asked them how often their co-workers engaged in cruel behavior toward them.

Researchers also asked people who had no idea about the study participants judged their attractiveness from digital photos.

The researchers found that unattractive workers were treated much more harshly than attractive employees even when other key factors were taken into account, including age, gender and how long they had worked at the health care facility.

The results have been published in the research journal Human Performance. (ANI)