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Kolkata-based cancer specialist comes up therapy that saves time, doesn’t hurt pocket

Kolkata, June 20 (ANI): A cancer specialist and Psorinum clinical researcher, Aurodeep Chaterjee, believes Psorinum Therapy is less time consuming and more economical for treatment of cancer.

“The advantage of this treatment is that the patient can continue this treatment while staying home and the hospitalization is less required,” said Chaterjee.

He added that it’s an immunotherapy treatment in which the medicine is in liquid form and the technique of consumption is oral.

Though no chemo or radiation sessions are required in it but they can be used parallel to it depending upon the stage of the cancer.

He claimed that more than 30 types of cancers could be treated from this therapy.

Some of them include gastrointestinal cancer, liver cancer, gall bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

The process requires two months duration in which the patient has to undergo 12 cycles and the cost is just Rs.5000.

Moli Rapoor 55, software engineer from USA who is suffering from ovarian cancer said on Thursday (June 20) that after three chemo cycles when her cancer did not cure after being diagnosed in 2008, she decided to take up Psorinum therapy.

The therapy yielded positive results as her tumor size was reduced.

“I took medicine and as soon as I started the medicine there was drastic change in my whole health like I had no appetite, basically I wasn’t eating anything so I started eating. Then slowly and gradually my appetite started coming back. I used to get out of breadth I couldn’t have spoken this much like I am talking to you now. So my breathing improved and then I could walk around at home,” said Rapoor.

Another patient Meenu Dutta 62 who had pancreatic cancer also shared her experience saying that when her oncologist lost all hopes she took up this therapy and now after 10 years of the cure she is leading a normal life.

Chaterjee even said that seeing the success of this process many more are encouraged to undergo specially in India where many people cannot afford the expensive chemotherapy. (ANI)