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BCB chief: Bangladesh may lose ICC membership if it doesn’t follow guidelines

Islamabad, June 20 (ANI): The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief Nazmul Hassan has warned the board’s officials that it may lose membership if the election guidelines are not followed as instructed by the ICC.

The ICC had amended its election guidelines in order to reduce government interference in electing officials to the board and accordingly BCB had to amend its constitution in March 2012, the Daily Times reports.

However, the Bangladesh High Court challenged the new constitution and as affirmation from the National Sports Council was required, the elections were delayed.

The report said that according to the guidelines the BCB elections are supposed to take place within 90 days of appointment of the ad-hoc committee.

Hassan said that if the elections are not conducted in accordance with the ICC guidelines, and the court declares the 2008 constitution valid then Bangladesh would lose its membership.

He further said that the board needs constitution to run the elections and as it has two constitutions at the moment, one from 2008 and other from 2012, the elections are getting delayed.

Hassan added that since the decision lies with the High Court and unless the court decides on the constitution there is nothing much that can be done by the board.

However, since ICC has set a time frame and bindings the BCB would be seeking legal help to work out the situation within the limitations. (ANI)