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Nitish Kumar a neo Buddha from Bihar

Patna, June 19 (): Nitish Kumar the performing Chief Minister of Bihar has become a hope for socialist and secular forces. He is considered right person to counter or compete with “ progress oriented” Narendra Modi.

 Nitish Kumar a neo Buddha from BiharThis is a natural development considering the ancient history of India. When Vedic religion from the west ( now in Pakistan) promoted more rituals, superstitions, animal sacrifice, casteism etc in evolving a religion, Buddha came from the east to show a right path to the people of India.

What happens in contemporary India? Is it not the same? A repeat after two point five millennia?

Secularists accuse Narendra Modi for his religious fervor and anti Muslim riots. The hope of RSS and BJP the followers of vedic religion rest on Narendra Modi. They whole heartedly support Narendra Modi a specialist in election engineering . Eventually they sideline Advani the architect of BJP. This set of establishment is now deep rooted in the west region of India especially in Gujarat. Therefore a person to defeat them shall come from the east.

The new East India company is now in making. The Eastern states including Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Odissa are teaming up to promote a leadership who can run their lobby in new Delhi. Who will be the leader? Mamata Banerjee or Nitish Kumar are natural choices. This is possible as long as UP is split between Mulayam Singh, Mayawati and Congress. A solid block in UP shall hijack the power to the UP again.

Narendra Modi is always a darling of Indian Main stream media. He has been projected as a great leader who is good in administration. He is seen as only choice for development oriented programme. Since Nitish Kumar was in alliance with BJP the media hailed his performance too. Now the people have thrust a dilemma for media.

Definitely people are going to discuss “ Modi Model” from the West with “Notish Model “ from the East. The western states like Maharashtra and Gujarat were already performing states even before the advent of Narendra Modi. But Eastern states are even now comparatively poor in many fronts. A political thrust can give them a good elevation. The Communist Marxist Party supposed to be a pro poor party was not able to put West Bengal in progressive track. That liability is a burden on Mamata Banerjee. So far Mamata is not pioneering any model for progress.

The fight of West Vs East can be reduced or simplified as Rich Vs Poor. The western states are good in trade, commerce, finance sector etc. They generate money. The Eastern states are having minerals and natural resources. But the benefits of such resources have not reached people. This has given chances for violent Maoist movements.

Elevation of Nitish Kumar as the Prime Minister of India shall be salvation to the abandoned people of East. That will be a check on the money oriented run of the West. He should win not only in the confidence vote in Bihar Assembly but also in the fight against status quoists in the Parliamentary elections. That will restart a process of change towards achieving equality.

Nitish Kumar knows that the pain of the people is a gain for corporates. He is in the foot prints of socialism left by Jayaprakash Narayan and is capable of making a change. That is a bitter medicine for BJP if they are interested in promoting Narendra Modi only. But they have to swallow. The soft Hindutwa of Advani or Hard Hindutwa of Modi are irrelevant now.

That does not mean a complete defeat for BJP. Whenever forces against Congress party gained upper hand, the fair fundamentalists reaped good harvest. Considering the political history related to Jayaprakash Narayan, Ram Manohar Lohia, George Fernandes and V. P. Singh one can easily see how Congress party can be controlled.

Sensing this pattern , old guard Congress party is making moves to find some favour with Nitish Kumar. But Nitish cannot be dictated either by BJP or by Congress party. This electrical Engineer is going to send shock waves to both the establishments in his own style.