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City of Clones

Once I heard a lonely surfing voice the sweetest,
While driving cyberway, that was an accident.
She, secretly seeking a Natural human, was telling
‘Petal and Sepal could not make a flower of her willing.’

She planned my entry into their city in disguise
Sent fake skin fingerprints to cheat surveillance
So trespassing the land of Genrich humans
I thanked the sleeping idiotic robo machines.

Walking along the lanes I saw, eyes on sales,
Permit organ shops, duty free, for their errand men
Or the clan of clone countries, visiting patrons,
And warning signs like ‘Beware of body bandits.’

Trained monkeys driving the cabs by remote,
Dogs in uniform bells, patrolling every street,
The brain smart pets created by Her
In the experiments of intelligent animal store.

I slipped through underground lab to her room
Felt my feet jumping to the beats of shivering heart
Astonished She came close smelled touched hot
And embraced like the dress of a bridegroom.

Brain and beauty blended breed she might
Be the most intellect and the prettiest of all
The clonekind ever known but defiantly fight
And break the regime of clones was her goal.

On the way to natural earth, she showed white clad
Enhanced men manipulating double helix ribbons
Proud faced for their super pseudo clone- world
Modifying Genomes for their own designs.

In a sudden turn, the sirens of their red alert
Started to chase us; we fled in the rout
To escape, but spotted, were riding in ultra speed
With her loyal monkey often sound sighed.

Seeing a temple I bowed and prayed a while but
She laughed; that was a cloned god and tomb,
Groups among the clones even fight their theories out.
I said ‘The Shrine Of All Religions is a Mother’s Womb’

Then our leading Light, the Truth, Path and Life
Showed our way out of the Nonsense City of clones.
Preparing a homely meals waited, She, my wife
In an African Village where I was walking over the stones.

( Science fiction poem by Malarthamil – 1999 )