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R&AW founder B Raman dies fighting cancer

Chennai, June 17 (): Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) founder Bahukutumbi Raman passed away in Chennai on Sunday evening after fighting cancer.

Bahukutumbi Raman who was one of country’s leading security experts was a former additional secretary with the Cabinet secretariat.

Seventy-seven year old Mr Raman who was considered as an asset by the Indian intelligence community was also author of several books. Raman has written several books on security, counter-terrorism and military issues of India as well as South Asia. Besides being a strong believer of Nehru-Gandhi rule, Raman time and again used to suggest it as a solution to many of India’s political fears and socio-economic woes.

Raman’s passing away was said to be a great loss to the intelligence community. One of the few officers who had witnessed the formation of RAW in 1968 by R.N. Kao recalled his support for the Indian intelligence community.

Raman was very closely attached to his micro-blogging site Twitter where he spent most of his time clarifying on cancer. “Hanumanji willing, should be back home coming Saturday,” was Raman’s last tweet. He had also written a magazine with a title “Kaoboys of Research and Analysis Wing: Down Memory Lane”. He had been the main contributor to the Sri Lanka Guardian that was started in the year 2007.

As days passed, Raman became the genius and beyond doubt an international expert on terrorism. In the mysterious world of surveillance, where practitioners usually prefer to be unnoticed, Raman turned out to be a creative contributor to public discourse on intelligence matters. He often challenged conventional wisdom, going upstream of establishment flow particularly on Pakistan and United States.

Raman though was fond  of America and the people, disliked its policies as the United States was the only country that infuriated him up in discussion. He frequently was quoted saying to be cautious, after he saw American betrayal of Indian interests.