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Early age screening could aid breast cancer fight

London, June 17(ANI): Women having a higher risk of breast cancer could be benefited from being screened for the disease at a younger age, a new research has revealed.

The study, funded by the charity Breast Cancer Campaign, suggested that breast cancer sufferers aged between 35 and 39, who had their cancer detected at an earlier and more easily treatable stage, have higher chances of survival, the Daily Star reported.

The research suggested that younger women with a family history of the disease could benefit from having mammograms instead of waiting for normal screening invitations.

Researchers examined data concerning almost 1,500 women who were deemed to be at higher risk of breast cancer than the general population.

The study led by Professor Gareth Evans, a cancer genetics expert at the University of Manchester, identified 47 cases in women who had been screened and compared with women of similar ages with breast cancer who had not been screened.

The study was published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. (ANI)