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Pre-monsoon rains in Shimla

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), June 16 (ANI): Pre-monsoon showers lashed Shimla,since yesterday bringing cheer to the residents and tourists, who were reeling under soaring temperature.

Manmoon Singh, Director of state Metrology Department of Himachal Pradesh said on Saturday that usually monsoon arrives in the end of June but this time it’s early.

“Generally the monsoon enters Himachal Pradesh near June 25 but this times it has entered 10 days earlier on 15th June and the rainfall this time is very good as the pre monsoon showers were very good and active and till now the rainfall 87 millimetre has happened in the state which is 155 percent more than the normal,” said Singh.

Residents were seen enjoying the rain as they walked on the road with an umbrella. These early monsoons have brought good news for the farmers as well, as it will solve the irrigation problems.

Lekh Raj, a resident said monsoon rains are always good for the crops especially the apple crop, as it helps increase the size of fruit.

“There is a change in the whether since three-four days and now the monsoon has entered Himachal Pradesh. This monsoon has proved to be very beneficial for the people be it the gardener, farmer or the local residents of Shimla. Till now due to lack of water the whether was very hot but now they are relieved as now they will get rid of the problem of scarcity of water and along with the apple growers are also very happy with the early monsoon,” said Raj.(ANI)