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Born with one arm Nicole Kelly crowned Miss Iowa 2013

Washington, June 12 (ANI): Despite of being born with just one forearm Nicole Kelly, won the prestigious Miss Iowa crown in a three-day contest in Davenport on June 8.

The blond beauty, residing in Keokuk, US, is all set to compete for the Miss America title on September 15 in Atlantic City, NJ, where she will be addressing the topic of the significance of overcoming disabilities, ABC News reported.

Kelly, 23, wrote in her memoir titled ‘Meet Miss Iowa’ that a year ago, she certainly didn’t see ‘pageant titleholder’ in her future.

The biography further reads that she didn’t initially envision this path, but she now realizes that being Miss Iowa is the perfect fit for her, and she feels blessed to be surrounded by people who have encouraged her every step of the way.

She stated that giving a voice to her platform and overcoming disabilities is a tremendous honor for her.

Kelly, who is the 72nd woman to hold the title, said that she was thrilled to continue her adventure by speaking out and touching lives as Miss Iowa 2013. (ANI)