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South Africa has ‘let go of Mandela ages ago’: Analyst

Johannesburg, June 11(ANI): Mandela’s frail health and prolonged hospital stays have kept the former president out of public eyes but analyst believe that the awareness about his mortality will not have a dramatic impact on domestic politics.

Nelson Mandela, who is getting his treatment for lung infection gave his last public appearance in 2010.

Analyst Daniel Silke said that there would be concerns from other nations about South Africa being held together by Mandela, but the nation’s political arena has changed radically since his era, reports News 24.

Political commentator Eusebius McKaiser said that Mandela has not been at the moral and political centre of South Africa for a very long time and they have let go of him ages ago.

Silke further said that there wouldn’t be any dramatic effects on domestic politics after Mandela passes away.

According to the report, Silke added that Mandela’s mere presence was not the reason for South Africa’s shaping in what it is today but the people, independent of his physical presence, are responsible for why the country is not collapsing. (ANI)