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BJP in dismay over Advani VS Modi

New Delhi, June 11 ():Panic stuck the saffron party, a day after naming Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as the head of the next Lok Sabha election, with  BJP senior leader L K Advani stepping down from all major party posts on Monday describing the BJP leaders as hunting only for “personal agendas”.

Following the announcement of Advani, the BJP’s top leaders met Advani at his residence intending to persuade him to change his decision. Even Narendra Modi from Gujarat requested the veteran leader to withdraw his decision but the party senior leader dismissed all the appeals and stood firm in his stand.

As the BJP’s senior leader rifted out in open, party top leaders were mortified and reacted immediately calling a hurried meeting of its parliamentary board on Monday. Advani who successfully gave the party its hardline Hindutva ideology became unsuccessful to influence the leaders intimidating not to elevate Modi as the head of the 2014 poll panel.

Citing poor health, Advani who kept out of the Goa national executive meet, shot an upsetting letter to BJP president Rajnath Singh on Monday disclosing his wish to resign claiming his inability to reconcile with the current functioning of the party and the direction in which it is moving. The resignation stunned not only the BJP but also the allies who disclosed it as tough to remain a part of the NDA without the veteran leader.

Meanwhile, Congress denied commenting on the issue and reiterated that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s appointment as the head of the 2014 poll panel will have its own impact.

Indicating a warning light to his upcoming decision,  83-year-old Advani  on Sunday was quoted referring about the wounded ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ who was made to rest on a bed of arrows in a scene in Mahabharata.

Advani’s sudden decision to resign from the key BJP posts was however refused by the party president Rajnath Singh.