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Police questions Raj Kundra over IPL betting

New Delhi, June 6 ():Yet another  shocking development is the Delhi police have claimed Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra to be involved in IPL betting through his friend Umesh Goenka who is believed to have relied on Kundra to supply the necessary information for placing the bets.

Sources said that Raj Kundra has been told to surrender his passport by the Delhi police who interrogated Kundra for about 10 hours in connection with the IPL spot-fixing scandal and allegations that he was into IPL betting. Kundra who was questioned for more than ten hours has also been asked not to leave the country.

Defending himself Kundra however said that if he was involved in betting then he would have placed bets on his own team and made money out of it. The police which started probing Kundra will likely arrest him if finds him in the wrong side, said sources.

The police however denied stating that Kundra is a “suspect or complainant” but claimed saying that Kundra was into betting but not into fixing. Kundra’s business partner and friend Umesh Goenka was also quizzed by the Delhi Police in connection with the case, said a senior police officer.

Police came to know about Goenka’s possible involvement in the IPL betting after recording the statement of Rajasthan Royals player Sidharth Trivedi, a prosecution witness in the case.

Kundra owns a company dealing in steel business along with Umesh Goenka. Till now three players have been taken into custody from the Rajasthan Royals team in connection with the spot-fixing during the sixth edition of Twenty20 IPL tournament.

Kundra who was questioned by the Delhi police is believed not be booked under anti-gambling law which is a bailable offence in India. Both Kundra and Goenka were questioned by a special cell of Delhi police on Wednesday. Sources said that the duo is believed to be called for interrogation on Thursday also.