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Another horrific case of racial abuse against Asian school boy in Sydney bus

Sydney, June 4 (ANI): In another incident of a racist bus rant, a young school-going boy of Asian descent was targeted by a reportedly drunk 50-year-old woman on a Sydney bus.

The woman hurled verbal abuse at the young male, who along with his friend, stood in the aisle of the bus for protecting ‘fragile equipment’ on the bus seats, when the agitated woman started claiming that the pair are blocking her view, News.com.au reports.

According to the report, the woman had abusively asked the boy to get a passport and to sit down or leave the country, to which the boy had retaliated and asked her to de-board the bus instead.

The report said that one of the passengers who filmed the footage and aired it on YouTube said that the tirade had lasted for about twelve minutes and the majority of passengers on board were Asian school children.

The passenger said that the children were affected by the incident, adding that he decided to film the incident and post it to YouTube in order to shame the woman and bring the rampant racism on public transport in the limelight.

He added that racism is widespread and there is no end to it and emphasized that more efforts should be put into eradicating racism especially in the public transport system.

The woman had yelled at the boy and warned him that though the Asians come to the country thinking they can do whatever they want, they cannot do so.

The report said that ‘the driver had to stop the public vehicle several times’ and confronts the situation by asking the woman to stop hurling verbal profanities but the woman ‘continued with the abuse the full trip’.

A State Transit Authority of NSW spokesman said that it was an offence for the bus passengers to use obscene, offensive and abusive language. (ANI)