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Mt. Everest may have ladder installed at Hillary Step to ease congestion

London, May 28 (ANI): The hardest point to reach Mount Everest is the Hillary Step at 29,000 feet, which requires 40 feet of technical climbing a near vertical rock face.

This may be eased with the possible installation of a ladder.

The Hillary Step faces most of the congestion as only one person can go up or down at a time and if people are waiting on either side for hours together, it increases the exposure to risk.

The plan comes in the light of the deaths of many mountaineers, including Sherpas.

Dawa Steven Sherpa, a senior member of Expedition Operators Association in Nepal, said that this move is a safety feature and it is not a measure to make the climbing easier but to assist for the way down and thereby will not change the climb.

According to The Guardian, on 19 May, around 150 mountaineers climbed the last 3,000 feet of the peak from Camp IV within hours of each other, causing lengthy delays.

Other plans include introduction of more rigorous traffic controls on the fixed ropes, which run from the base camp to the summit and are fixed by specialist Sherpas. Separate ropes for the climbers and for those descending would be installed.

While the Sherpas are in favour of this plan indicating that the route is changing, as there is more rock and less ice and snow, installing a ladder is a good idea and will lessen the life risk of Sherpas.

On the other hand purist mountaineers see it as an attempt to condense the challenge.

The report further added that this plan has received some support from the world’s mountaineering authorities. (ANI)