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Kerala Govt. draws sharp criticism over water privatization proposal

Thiruvananthapuram, May 27 (ANI): Leaders belonging to the Left Democratic Front staged a protest here on Monday against the water privatization proposal of the Kerala Government.

CPI (M) lawmaker A. Sampath denounced the government over its anti-people policy.

“Now, the Government of Kerala is planning to privatise the drinking water. It means, drinking water, which was once considered to be a natural free good, is going to be an economic good. So, the companies which are coming to operate in the drinking water business, they will treat this natural free good, as a source of profit,” he said.

Another CPI (M) leader M.A. Baby echoing similar sentiments said that the fight was to save air, water and soil of the state.

“Energy and drinking water, these are two basic necessities of people and the government’s policy is virtually looting the masses, especially the poor sections of the society,” said Baby.

This strike, which was called by the opposition in 14 districts of the state, was supported by several political leaders and some youth organizations.

The opposition also expressed its ire against the proposed water policy of the government, as it would lead to surge in water tariff. (ANI)