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Save Tamils Movement (STM) to observe Mullivaikkaal Remembrance Day

Chennai, May 16 (): Save Tamils Movement (STM), the Chennai-based forum of IT professionals plans to observe Mullivaikkaal Remembrance Day on  17 May 2013 Friday, at 6 pm at Sholinganallur junction.

Scores of IT professionals from different IT parks in the city are expected to come together to observe the Mullivaikkaal genocide day.

Simultaneously, the representatives and volunteers of Save Tamils Movement are  also arranging ‘Boycott Sri Lanka’ campaign among IT professionals and youth through various campaigns like train campaign, spot campaign, poster campaign  and sticker campaign across major IT parks in Chennai.

Those interested to join the campaign are to contact Elangovan (9884468039)  for confirmation and more details. 

Program schedule for May 17 Mullivaikkaal Remembrance Day

 Speakers              Venue

Elangovan       Mahindra City

Senthil             Sholinganallur

Mary                DLF

Jagan              Sriram Techpark

Cheran            Ascendas

Vikraman        Velachery

Syed                 Olympia Techpark

Sasi Kumar     Tidel Park

As a part of their Boycott Sri Lanka campaign, Save Tamils Movement has come out with a wrist band that says ‘Boycott Sri Lanka’.

            Save Tamils Movement (STM) to observe Mullivaikkaal Remembrance Day

STM appeals to its members and youth to wear this band especially on May 17,18 and 19 and it can be worn on other days as well. Save Tamils Movement aims to spread the message of boycotting Sri Lanka in every possible manner among youth. Seeking justice for Eelam Tamils, STM pledges not to go on tours to Sri Lanka, not to fly by Sri Lanka Airlines,not to use made-in-Lanka products, boycott Sri Lanka in all avenues like sports etc and also fight to press Indian government to disentangle itself from all ties with Sri Lanka.

            Save Tamils Movement (STM) to observe Mullivaikkaal Remembrance Day

To buy these wrist bands (Rs.10/band), you may get in touch with the below-mentioned:

Ilango  @  9884468039

Vinod   @  9840738009

Balaji  @   8056331947