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Woman found alive in Bangladesh rubble recovering

Dhaka, May 11 (): A female garment worker who was under the rubbles of a collapsed garment factory building in Bangladesh was survived 17 days after the collapse.

Reshma, the worker was pulled out from the debris of Rana Plaza at around 4:30pm on Friday. She is out of danger and not having any major physical complications.

When she was rescued, she was panicked, dehydrated and suffering from insomnia. The miraculous survivor was taken to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in the Savar Cantonment immediately after she was rescued. She recovered in the hospital and was in generally good condition, according to her doctors.

Reshma was trapped in a wide Muslim prayer room located in the basement of the eight-story Rana Plaza building that housed five garment factories and thousands of workers in Bangladesh. Having the open space for oxygen is likely one of the reasons Reshma survived the tragedy.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has visited Reshma at the hospital.

In 2010, a 7.0 earthquake near the town of Léogâne in Haiti devastated the country. Evans Monsignac, a father of two, was the last person to be rescued alive from the debris in the capital of Port-au-Prince after 27 days without food and water.

Major General Chowdhury Hassan Suhrawardy told Reshma drank rainwater and had found lunch boxes of co-workers “from which she got some food”. Suhrawardy also told the death toll from the impoverished nation’s worst industrial accident hit 1,110.

Army captain Ibrahimul Islam told Reshma told him she found the biscuits and water in an air pocket she reached after the April 24 cave-in and added she might regain more memories as her condition improves.

After her detailed account, he said, one can get a clear picture of how she survived miraculously for 17 days under such hot, humid conditions.

The captain added Reshma had a “very good sleep and was reunited with her family including her mother, brother and sister”.