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Pakistan accuses New Zealand of sabotaging Davis Cup tie after losing ITF appeal

Sydney, May 8 (ANI): The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has turned nasty over a result reversal of last month’s Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group-II tie against New Zealand.

New Zealand got into a tie because the grass court surface in Myanmar had been touted as unplayable and dangerous by Sri Lankan referee, Ashita Ajigala, stuff.co.nz reports.

Accusing New Zealand players of sabotaging the court, the PTF has said that the referee had a biased attitude towards New Zealand as it declined its players from toilet breaks and is responsible for the court’s bad state.

The report said that security reasons prevented the tie from being played in Pakistan but the country was responsible for correct court behaviour as it was the host country for the Davis Cup.

According to the report, Ajigala had stopped the tie match midway to award New Zealand the winning title.

Pakistan’s appeal against the decision has been rejected by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), who has declined a match replay request.

While PTF president Kaleem Imam said that further appeals can be made to the ITF’s director till May 30, Tennis New Zealand chief executive Steve Johns said they were preparing for the Kiwis’ Asia Oceania Group 2 final to be held in September, irrespective of Pakistan’s appeal. (ANI)