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BMW mobile showroom across India

Kochi, May 8 ():  BMW the high end luxury car maker is out to break barriers by taking its products to the masses through mobile showrooms.

One such showroom from BMW India reached Kottayam, a Tier 2 city which BMW terms as an emerging market. This is one of the few cities in Kerala which the luxury car maker has identified in the State. The mobile showroom is modelled on the dealership showroom. It is waterproof and air-conditioned. The mobile showroom is currently parked Windsor Castle, will stay here until May 16, said a spokesman for the hosts Platino Classic.

The mobile showroom offers customers to test drive various models starting from BMW 6 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW X1 series. It also not familiarize the products but offers BMW financial services for loans. Expert advice on mechanical details. The showroom has a VIP lounge apart from the reception area.

The mobile showroom concept is to take the product to non-metro towns which has the potential to buy the luxury cars. The company invites the rich and famous in these towns. In Tamil Nadu it would dock in Madurai and Vishakhapatnam- Vijayawada in Andhra. Mysore in Karnataka is another spot in South, which BMW has targeted. It has 30 dealership office and will expand to 50.