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US body plans to mass arm New Yorkers with $200 shotgun freebies

Washington, May 7 (ANI): A non-profit organization’s founder, Kyle Coplen, wants to give New Yorkers in high-crime areas a 200 dollars shotgun and free weapons training, provided that they pass background checks.

Coplen, who founded the Armed Citizen Project in January, is not worried that the New York Police Department could dampen his efforts with its broad powers to deny gun licenses.

According to the New York Daily News, he said that that he will be branded an outlaw by gun-control advocate Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, but added that New Yorkers in crime-ridden neighborhoods will embrace his programme.

His gun giveaway may get shot down by the New York City’s permitting process, however.

Coplen said he’ll ask New Yorkers for donations to help low-income city applicants who can’t afford permits on their own.

Coplen believes crime will subside as more citizens become armed, intimidating criminals. (ANI)