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Tamil Nadu second highest in mobile users

Chennai, May 7 (): Tamil Nadu has second biggest mobile subscribers while the biggest populated state of Uttar Pradesh is number one, and followed by Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar respectively.

TRAI the telecom authority data show that India, which has the world’s second largest mobile phone subscriber base, had in February 2013 a total of 861.66 million mobile connections. This is a drop from 862.6 million in January and showed a 0.115 drop.

Uttar Pradesh has 121.60 million mobile phone subscribers, while, Tamil Nadu has only 71.81 million subscribers, according to the TRAI data. In the third position comes Maharashtra with 67.73 million, followed by Andhra. These states account for 45% of the total subscriber. Together the five states have 366 million mobile subscribers. Sixth largest mobile subscriber base is in Karnataka with 52.45 million followed by Madhya Pradesh with 51.43 million. Surprisingly Gujarat, said to be fast growing into an industrial hub ranks eighth with 51.23 million cell phone connections, similarly the biggest State geographically, Rajasthan has a total 47.83 million mobile subscribers. Subscriber base which includes mobiles and landline connections was 965.5 million in June 2012 and started to fall to 893 million in January and further to 892 million in Feb 2013.

The drop in connections is said to be the telecom companies disconnecting connections that were not in use. This led to a 0.11% decline in base. Those in prepaid plan and not using them for 45 days were disconnected by telecom companies to create space for allotting new connections. Telecom companies who were in a pricing war decided that profits were more important than numbers. With many players opting out of many circles due to Supreme Court orders and field now getting expensive with more charges for spectrum, Reliance has now kicked off the first increase in call charges for pre-paid connections and has taken away free calls. Other private companies are expected to follow suit. Many freebies given during the price wars has already been curtained and with 4G expected roll out in June, the telecom sector is expected to get bigger.