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Imran Khan injures in election rally

Lahore, May 7 (): Cricketer-turned Pakistani politician Imran Khan was rushed to hospital with head injuries today after falling off a lift taking him onto the stage for an election rally at the event in Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore. He was to address in the huge crowd of people ahead of the Pakistan General Elections which are scheduled on May 11, 2013.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party chief Khan, 60, with several of his bodyguards apparently lost their balance and fell down from several feet to the ground.

Television footage showed Imran Khan was bleeding from the head. Khan fell at least 5 meters (15 feet) from a makeshift elevator raising him up to the stage. The supporters around him carried to a vehicle before being taken to the hospital.

According to reports from reporters, the platform may have become unsteady as a large number of people standing on it.

Khawaja Nazir, a spokesman for the Shaukat Khanum hospital where he was treated, said “The neurosurgeon, CT scan specialists and all other doctors and medical staff are alert over here”. A party spokesman said that his injuries were minor.

Another party spokesman Chaudhry Rizwan said “Imran Khan is all right. He has been taken to the hospital for first aid. He will be back to address the rally very soon after getting initial treatment”.

Reports said that hundreds of well-wishers and PTI party supporters gathered outside the hospital, chanting “Long Live Imran Khan”.

Imran Khan, who boycotted polls in 2008, won only one seat in 2002, has led an sparking campaign, focussing the middle-class and young people. In Pakistan, he was called a “tsunami” in the election campaign.

On Monday, 23 people were killed in the rally in the tribal district of Kurram, in single attack on the campaign so far. Elections have been postponed in 3 constituencies where candidates have been killed.