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HR now checks criminal, regulatory checks

Chennai, May 7 (): HR now does not stop with interviews and checking certificates. Due to growing threats from staff-driven security breaches and corporate scams, companies have begun conducting regulatory checks, compliance and criminal record base of people seeking jobs. They are also searching the social media platforms for candidates’ views.

Companies across all sectors are now asking HR to make sure that their potential employees have not been party to any corporate frauds or other illegal activities.

Criminal record verification, court record checks as to whether any private cases are pending, regulatory authorities’ database of CIBIL check, and drug abuse testing are what an applicant has to pass before getting a job. These checks are being conducted on national for Indians as well as global levels for expats, depending on the profile of the candidate and the potential employees, say HR experts. HR says that
such practices help a company save them from any future costs towards settling frauds.

According HR consultancy firm, corporate spying and identity theft, are becoming a practical and therefore employment background screening is the only way to help organizations to bring down the risks in their workplace. A pre-employment background check is to ensure that the person they are hiring is not an impostor, does not have a criminal record that would bar him from being hired, the name does figure in the terrorist international sanction list, and has a work history with which the company is at ease.

As per the HR services, these conditions are strictly implemented in IT related business and in BPO as well as in KPO, banking and financial services, healthcare, hospitality and non-profit organizations. Earlier only the MNCs had this practice but now even small and medium enterprises are following the suit. HR experts say putting money in this type of screening is important because a wrong employee can damage the company worth ranging from 20 to 200%.