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BJP mounts pressure on Congress over bribery case, SP joins BJP

New Delhi, May 6 (): Threatening the ruling government the BJP on Monday put pressure on the Congress demanding the resignation of Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, over the coal blocks allocation scam probe case and the Railway Board bribery case respectively.

The BJP leaders threatened saying that they will disrupt the parliament procedure until the government sacks the two ministers. Speaking on the issue leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, said that the government is trying to put a mask by diverting attention from the scams by passing bills. “When Parliament is not functioning properly, no bills can be passed,” said Swaraj.

Claiming that the opposition will allow the parliament to function only after the resignation of the ministers, Swaraj said that it is necessary for the ministers to resign; else the BJP will not let any bill to pass in the house.

Joining hands with the BJP the Samajwadi Party today backed the saffron party demanding the resignation of Pawan Kumar Bansal over the railway board bribery controversy.

Reiterating that the Railway Minister cannot be shielded for long, SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav said that , whenever Congress ministers accused of corruption are caught they are easily protected, but non-Congress officials when apprehended are quickly investigated. The opposition party also accused the Congress for adopting different yardstick within its allies.

Meanwhile the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati talking on defence of Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal supported him saying that it will not be proper to sack a minister unless his guilt is proved. Till an investigation is conducted it is not fair to seek Mr. Bansal’s resignation, said Mayawati.

However dismissing the opposition demand, Parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath said that there is no need for the BJP to give speech on matters such as corruption as it itself is surged with corruptions. On any condemnation the party will take strict action, said Nath.