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Modi warns Karnataka voters of electing Congress

Bangalore, May 3 (): Persuading the voters of Karnataka, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made a scathing attack at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and called him as ‘Mr. Golden Spoon’, who had set out a row of attacks against the BJP government branding it as a “champion” of corruption.

Modi requested the Karnataka voters to cast their votes on the basis of the hard work done by the political parties for the state’s development. Modi said that it becomes the right of the voters to question the political parties for the amount of work done and then take a decision whether to cast their vote or not.

Charging the ruling Congress at the centre, Modi said that it would have been better if Prime Minister instead of visiting Karnataka had told about what all steps the Central government had taken in developing Karnataka. When no such step were taken by the ruling government at the centre, how he will give an account of the work, asked Narendra Modi.

Adding that the Congress has sunk the country, Modi said that it has neither showed any good work nor it has fulfilled the promises made to the people of the country. Modi also took a dig at the Congress for naming its chief ministerial candidate ahead of the state assembly poll.

Responding to Sonia Gandhi’s recent speech in Karnataka during the election campaign, Modi said that even after making a long speech, she did not touch the issue of price rise.

Launching his party’s attack at the Congress ahead of the assembly polls on May 5, the Gujarat Chief Minister accused Sonia Gandhi calling her ” lady of pride” and  also named Rahul Gandhi as “Mr. Golden Spoon”.

He also referred to the death of Sarabjit Singh in his speech terming it as a judicial murder and criticized the ruling UPA government for not showing its “strength” in dealing with the issue.