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Sushma Swaraj : Govt suppresses Opposition’s voice

New Delhi, May 1 (): With the principal opposition party announcing  that hereafter it will not take part in any of the meetings convened by the government, Ms. Sushma Swaraj accused the UPA chairperson for activating ministers and Congress MPs to cut short her speech in the Lok Sabha just before Finance Minister P. Chidambaram highly praised the Finance Bill and other money bills for the House’s approval.

Sushma Swaraj condemned saying that the speaker failed to protect her right to speak, in violation of the commitment made at the all-party meeting. The ultimate outcome of the dispute between the opposition and the ruling government appears like the residual budgetary session seems to be a washout and some of the crucial bills, such as the Food Security Bill and the one on land acquisition which the government had been looking forward to get through now appears a big sufferer.

According to several opposition parties, the government, for mysterious reasons, had got on the path just before the start of the session, which led to the present situation.

For the first time the highly controversial JPC draft report on the 2G scam has provoked irritation  among the opposition in the current Lok Sabha parties with opposing interest as parties such as the TMC-Left, AIADMK-DMK, the BJP and non-UPA parties, have  joined hands.

The amount of anger between Ms. Swaraj and Ms. Gandhi was witnessed in the house as the BJP leader said the Congress president “doesn’t accept Indian democratic institutions and principles” and made her feel disloyal to Indian democratic system.

Expressing her displeasure,Sushma  Swaraj  accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying it was indeed disappointing as the highest court of law has said there is a massive violation of trust. She held the Prime Minister and the government responsible for the declining image of the country in the world.