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Automobile companies face job fraud

Chennai, May 1 () : Automobile companies located near here have been seeing increasing cases of recruitment fraud, according to human resource personnel.

Ford and Hyundai are the car makers that face major problems on this job scam. Others affected are the German luxury car maker BMW, Daimler, Mitsubishi and recently launched Renault-Nissan alliance plant at Oragadam near Sriperumbudur.

In the recent times, the cases are increasing and HR people in Hyundai and Ford are the first choice of these fraudsters. Around 200 cases were reported this year so far. The modus operandi sends a mail with an ID similar to the automobile companies. The victims are those who studied in colleges with automobile engineering or management as subjects. Those staying in small towns with not much knowledge of the automobile companies are targeted. As per the mail the victim has been shortlisted by the company based on the details given in a job listing site. The person has to make a cash deposit in an account or send a cheque to an address with a PO.

The con job has got more organized. The agent knows the names and background of the HR staff in the automobile companies. He uses the names often and even if anyone checks if such HR people exist then this comes out to be true.

Unsuspecting persons hand over the money and the application form carries registered trademarks on it. Even those who are trainees are not spared. They are promised permanent jobs for an amount.

Automobile companies have put prominent disclaimers on their websites. Leading job sites naukri.com and monster.com have asked registered users to be aware of such fraud. Job seekers are told by automobile companies that nobody accepts money and intimation letters and communication from company are not sent by email.

The con men close down accounts in sites and banks and leave behind no clues. This fraud is reported in all areas where automobile companies are located.