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Now, app that automatically reshapes your face to look better

Wellington, Apr 30 (ANI): An app called Pixtr has been developed, which promises to “put your best face forward.”

What that means is that it automatically cleans you up like a magazine Photoshop artist, Stuff.co.nz reported.

Noses are thinned. Eyes are tweaked. Faces are re-shaped. Wrinkles, blemishes, even freckles – ever-so-lovely freckles – are history.

You’ll look fantastically plastic, and it won’t bear any resemblance to the dreaded face in the bathroom mirror.

The app’s co-creator, Avi Gadot, told Business Insider a nice founding story about how beautiful his wife is, and how he wanted to be able to take pictures of her that she’d actually approve of.

But we all know what this app is going to be most used for, and it isn’t spousal enhancement. It’s self-improving selfies.

If Pixtr becomes popular, and there’s every reason to suspect it will, there will be something like an arms race in profile photos. (ANI)