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Modi: Congress has become entirely weak including issues on Sarabjit Singh

New Delhi, Apr 29 (): Calling the centre as weak and frail, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that the ruling coalition in Delhi has lost consciousness in its foreign policy and has proved unsuccessful in the entire field including issue on death row convict Sarabjit Singh.

All the incidents that have been taking place so far proves its failure and weakness, claimed Modi while talking to reporters on a query on Indian national who endured a brutal attack by his inmates in the Lahore jail.

“Whether it is beheading of Indian soldiers or incidents regarding legal battle on Italian marines or China’s incursion over our land or issues related to Sarbjit Singh,they are evidences of failure of the Congress government at the centre,“ said the Gujarat chief minister.

Speaking to reporters after the inauguration of ‘All Gujarat Public Prosecutors’ Seminar’ at Mahatma Mandir which was arranged by the Government Pleader’s office at Gujarat High Court, Modi said that this government has become weak and the way the incidents are taking place one after another shows the government’s failure which is incompetent to propagate our truth effectively.

The government is neither capable to put our stand forward with determination or is able to show the power to our neighbours nor is able to prove our diplomatic capabilities, admitted Modi.

All these incidents are enough to show that the government at Delhi is hiding itself and are more concerned about its welfare, said Narendra Modi adding further that it is unfortunate the government has no time to save the country and the people.

Meanwhile, the ruling government rejecting the opposition charges said that the government is particularly concerned about Sarbjit Singh and is taking all steps to save him, said Union I & B minister Manish Tewari.

In Delhi, sources from External affairs ministry said that its mission in Islamabad has made a request with the Pakistani foreign ministry to provide consular access to Sarabjit Singh and had also issued instruction to assist the family during their stay in Pakistan.