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Footie WAG gets sexually attacked in Manchester hotel room

London, Apr 29 (ANI): A Premier League footballer’s girlfriend was sexually attacked while she slept in her hotel bed in Manchester.

The shattered WAG fears someone crept into their room after she returned early from a night out in Manchester following a top-flight game, the Sun reported.

In the night she was aware of someone next to her and assumed it was her boyfriend, who she woke up with next day.

But when she asked him what time he got back, the girlfriend was distraught to discover it was not until later.

The horrified couple called cops to the five-star Lowry Hotel in Salford, where visiting sides often stay and which is regularly used by Manchester United.

A man aged 32, believed to be a hotel employee, was arrested.

CCTV is understood to have been seized, plus computer logs of when room doors are accessed with electronic key cards.

The WAG, whose boyfriend has played for a string of clubs in the top flight and been capped for his country, is being comforted by family.

“They had been out with pals after a game. She headed back alone while her man stayed out later. At some point she recalls feeling someone next to her on the bed who she thought was her boyfriend. In the morning they realised something awful had happened,” a source said. (ANI)