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Toothpaste to whiten teeth will spark war

Mumbai, Apr 27 (): Toothpaste wars are getting frothier. After the battle for supremacy in the selling of sensitive gum care varieties, Colgate-Palmolive launched toothpaste which specializes in whitening the tooth. Named ‘Visible White’ it claims to make teeth whiter in a week.

Colgate feels that Indian’s are much bothered about the discoloration or yellow teeth. Most of the Indian look for sparkling white teeth as seen in advs. None of the toothpastes in the market can help.

At this juncture, Colgate after its victory in sensitivity and gum care, feels whitening is the new mantra in oral care. Colgate will now make Indian’s teeth white with the toothpaste priced above its regular toothpaste, but below its product that tackles sensitive teeth.

100 gm of Visible White will be available for Rs 79. It is double the price of a 100-gram-pack of an ordinary Colgate Dental Cream, currently available for Rs 37. For Rs 85 you can buy Colgate Sensitive and for Rs 130 for the advanced Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief 80 gm pack.

Sonam Kapoor’s sparkling white teeth will help Visible White. Pepsodent Expert Protection by Hindustan Unilever (HUL) which claims to also whiten the teeth. GSK has globally a similar brand Sensodyne which it will put out in the market. Sensodyne introduced a repair and protect variant, a premium product.

The oral gum problem where one cannot take extreme cold or hot food stuff and liquids were a subject that only dentists treated, similarly weak gums made eating hard food to cause bleeding. Many who suffered from this problem, often avoided eating hot and cold food stuff or broke up hard to bite stuff into small pieces. Now the bubble has burst.

Every toothpaste company has come with dental creams that offers cure to the ailment. With toothpaste market dumping the good old dental cream and fighting for a share in the new segment, is now facing a googly from Colgate by bringing in a segment called teeth whitener. The advantage is with Colgate but rivals will soon come with taller claims to make every second Indian teeth white.