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IPL bradcaster Sony stumped by Parle

Mumbai, Apr 27 () : IPL broadcaster,Sony has run into trouble with Parle. An associate sponsor Parle has moved the Bombay High Court against Sony, the official broadcaster, for not showing its advertisements in its high-definition (HD) feed. Parle’s complaint is that Sony is selling its HD feed on Sony Six HD separately and associative sponsors are left in the lurch.

Parle will be followed by sponsors like Vodafone who are also likely to follow suit. Sony for the sixth edition of IPL is the first time offering regular and HD feeds separately for advertisers.

Parle says there was a lack of clarity on the feeds being sold by the IPL broadcaster as separate packages. Sony was not clear that the HD feed was going to be a separate segment at the time of signing the contract and extra money had to be paid.

Sony claims there was no doubt over the two feeds being sold separately. It says as per interim order Parle will have to pay for the ads on the Sony Six HD feed at the Sony market rate, if they choose to do so. The court has asked Parle to pay the HD rates and after the court goes into the details only can it decide on whether Sony is right or wrong.

Sony paid Rs 8700 for 10-year broadcast rights for IPL when even before first IPL match in 2008.