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Bhopal hospital collapse claims two lives, rescue operation persists

Bhopal, Apr 27 (): With uphill struggle, rescue operators were successful to retrieve and save several persons who were trapped at the site of a collapsed hospital building in Bhopal which claimed two lives and injured more than twenty-five people.

The incident occurred when a ceiling of a two-storeyed Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Bhopal collapsed on Friday evening at around 5:30 pm, in which 40 to 50 people were believed to have stuck inside the building. Eyewitness however claimed that there are people still trapped inside the debris. Fire tenders and earthmoving vehicles were also immediately put into service, said sources.

People who were injured were immediately rushed to the hospital and were admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU). Out of 25 injured eleven including a four year old girl child were said to be in a critical condition and are kept in the intensive care unit (ICU), said sources. One of the dead identified as Arun Sisodia went to the hospital to see his ailing mother on the fateful day and was trapped under the debris.

Though eyewitness claimed that there are many people still trapped under the wreckage, Bhopal district collector Nikunj Shrivastava officially confirmed that most of the people trapped under the debris have been removed.

The Kasturba Hospital which is 43 years old had 15 patients and nine attendants when the building collapsed. The accident took place in the evening hours at a time when visitors thronged to meet the ailing patients. The ground floor was empty as repairing work was going on, else number of casualty would have increased, said an eyewitness.

There were many building in the country which lack in safety regulations as owners without proper approval are constructing extra floors by bribing the concerned authorities. This kind of cheap structural dwellings made by substandard materials and shoddy methods has paved way to rise in illegal construction by developers resulting in untoward incidents.