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Spokesperson says China has never crossed the border

Biejing, (China), April 25 (ANI): A spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry Hua Chunying has said that Biejing has not violated its border with India.

” The Chinese border troops have been acting in strict compliance with bilateral agreements between China and India, respecting and abiding by The Line of Actual Control, and conducting normal patrols on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control. They have never crossed the line,” she said.

“Maintaining peace and stability on the Chinese-Indian border is an important bilateral consensus reached by the two countries, and it is in the fundamental interest of both China and India. China is willing to continue to work together with India to properly resolve border issues within the framework of existing mechanisms and create favourable conditions for the healthy and steady development of bilateral relations,” Chunying added.

Earlier, Tibetan Prime Minister in-exile Lobsang Sangay said the infiltration by Chinese soldiers into Indian territory is disturbing.

Sangay said: “The security system should be vigilant to defend the Indian Territory since such cases are becoming common.”

Commenting on Tibet’s past, he said: ” There was never an infiltration, when Tibet was a free nation.”

Speaking to ANI in Dharamshala, Sangay further added, “Reports suggests that there has been several hundred infiltration which obviously is disturbing but also historically it was Tibet, in 1940s and 30s when Tibet was free and there was never an infiltration. So I am sure Indian people would prefer a place where there will be no infiltration and that was the Tibet.”

On Wednesday, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah asked the Central government “to give a clear cut message to China on the intrusion issue”, adding that such situations hamper development in the frontier areas.

Abdullah added, “We would like the Union government to take up this issue with both China and Pakistan strongly and on the same terms, so that no such incident takes place in future.”

Meanwhile, Beijing and New Delhi are also preparing for key bilateral trips, including those by Indian Defence Minister A K Antony and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, later this year. (ANI)