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‘Screeching’ vuvuzelas to make way for ‘clattering’ Brazilian caxirolas in 2014 World Cup

London, Apr 25 (ANI): Brazil has launched a musical instrument known as caxirola to be the aural stimulant of choice at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, to be held in the country.

This came following the banning of the another such instrument, the vuvuzela, a multi-coloured two-foot long plastic horn used in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which had created an international sensation with its loud, discordant blaring, the Independent reports.

According to a FIFA spokesman, the caxirola, which has been carefully designed to sound considerably less grating, will add to the ‘fan experience’ at the tournaments and help create a unique Brazilian atmosphere in the stadiums.

The report said that the yellow and green percussion instrument, which makes a rattling sound similar to the traditional South American ‘rainstick’, has been created in collaboration between the Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown and the country’s Ministry of Sports.

According to the report, the caxirola has been designed especially for use in stadiums unlike the vuvuzela, which has historical and cultural significance in South Africa, adding that the implement, made from recycled plastic, will be handed to fans attending the Confederations Cup in June.

According to Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, the caxirola is an object that has the ability to do two things: to combine the image with sound and take them to their goals. (ANI)