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Microsoft signs Android patent deal with China’s smart phone maker ZTE

Seattle, Apr. 25 (ANI): Microsoft has signed a patent deal with China’s smart phones maker ZTE linked to its use of the Android and Chrome operating systems

However, both Android and chrome operating systems is Google’s brainchild. Microsoft possesses intellectual property rights to some of the software’s underlying technologies, the BBC reports.

The deal comes weeks after Microsoft had signed a similar deal with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn.

The Redmond-based firm has paid out more than 2.6 billion pounds (4billion dollars) as patent rights in the last decade.

There has been no deal with China’s Huawei’s technologies, but Microsoft has signed royalty agreements with Samsung, HTC, LG, Sharp and Acer.

According to the Foss patents blog, ZTE marks the 20th device maker known to have signed an Android licence deal with the Windows developer.

Microsoft is pursuing more than two-dozen related patent infringement claims against Google in the US and others in Germany. (ANI)