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Cola wars get hotter in IPL 6 season

New Delhi, Apr 25 (): Cola wars are getting hotter with the IPL season in full swing.

Pepsi launched its new cola named Atom. This was tested in all the cricket stadiums where IPL was played. Pepsi paid more than Rs 160 crore to mark this year’s IPL with its signature on it. Pepsi is literally all over the IPL and overshadowing everyone.

Right outside the cricket stadium, guys clad in yellow T-shirts are selling Coca Cola without its sticker on it. Only Pepsi can serve beverages inside the stadium. If the match is in Mumbai, Cola can be served inside the Wankhede stadium since it is the official drink of Mumbai Indians and it is allowed to be served in all home matches.

BCCI came up with this idea that outside the stadium if Coke was sold then it cannot do under its own label since Pepsi has got pouring rights.

The war does not stop there. Coke sells 400 ml bottle for Rs 10. This got droves of youngsters to buy coke and it embarrassed Pepsi since many who wore the T-shirts given by it as promotion were found drinking Coke. Parking lots and way to the stadium have Coke booths with guys and girls sporting red T-shirts selling the Rs 10 bottle. If Pepsi dominates inside, then Coke does it outside.

Coke does not term this as an offensive against Pepsi going to town with IPL. Coke says such promotions are happening at music concerts and any event or place which has a lot of visitors. It sells 400ml can for Rs 18 at these places since it has to pay to the organizer or the mall/ auditorium.

The booths outside the stadium do not attract any charges as it is a temporary place. So it sells at Rs 10, says Coca Cola. It points out that it sold the same stuff at Rs 5 in kumbh mela and Limca for same price in Baisakhi fest.