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Tamil Nadu police arrests 4 in connection with blast near BJP office in Bangalore

Chennai, Apr 24 (): Tamil Nadu Police arrested four people from various parts of Tamil Nadu in connection with last week’s blast near the BJP office in Bangalore. All the four arrested were believed to be members of Al Umma, the terror group which was banned earlier after the Coimbatore blast.

Kichan Buhari the  accused in the Bangalore blast was also arrested in connection with the Coimbatore serial blasts and was released a year back after spending in jail for more than a decade. The other arrested includes Basheer Ahmed, Mohammed Salim and Peer Moideen.

Police however claimed that the main accused is yet to be caught, while all those who were arrested are suspected to have provided logistical support. Police have also detained two more  in Tirunelveli who are under interrogation.

Buhari who comes from Pattamadai near Melapalayam in Tirunelveli district was a close associate of militant activist Imam Ali, who was gunned down in an encounter by the Tamil Nadu police in Bangalore in 2002. Buhari who earlier targeted BJP leader L K Advani in the Coimbatore blast proved to be unsuccessful in his task and instead killed 58 persons and injured over 200 in Tamil Nadu.

Police claimed saying that according to the investigating officers the group which was involved in the Bangalore blast were not linked with any of the terrorist outfit that occurred across the state. Before making a proclamation on the results of the investigations, it is very much necessary to be sure about the group association of the people involved, said a senior police officer.

Police considered the chassis number and engine number of the TVS Suzuki Max 100 R motorcycle ,which was used in the Bangalore blast to plant explosive device around 50 metres from the BJP headquarters as a major breakthrough.

The Tamil Nadu police so far has questioned four people in Tamil Nadu, three in Bangalore and one in Kerala.