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Saudi Arabia to pay Rs5000 crore to Indian family

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 24 (): Saudi Arabia might end up paying $900 million to the Keyis of Kannur district.

The Keyi family member had way back in 1936 purchased a land in Mecca to build a resting place for pilgrims coming to Haj.

In 1971, Saudi Government demolished this building to build new structures. An amount of 1.4 million Saudi riyal was marked as compensation and kept in the treasury. Today, the money is said to be around Rs 5000 crore. The claim to the money of the Arakkal family and descendants of the Key has marred the recovery. Kayo who married into Arrakal family is the bone of contention. Arakal family has staked a claim while Keyi’s nephews says that it belongs to them. Keyi did not have any children.

The Kerala State Government is now seeking the Centre’s intervention to ensure the transfer of the money, which has been lying in the Saudi treasury for six decades. Successive ministries have tried to get the money to Kerala. Now, the present Congress-led ministry has appointed the Director of Minority Welfare department to bring about a method to bring about a reconciliation between the two parties.

Nasser who has the task of getting the money had studied this case as a part of his doctorate. According to him, the building was acquired in 1950 and in 70’s new structures came up. He says that the money cannot be brought to India as per Saudi law. This money has to be spent in Saudi itself.

Yet another hitch is that under WAKF law, the land so given to Allah cannot be enjoyed by anyone other than the person or his descendants. Keyi family and Arakal family are now getting ready for a legal battle.

Since 2001, Keyi family has tried to get the money which it plans to use to build houses for Haj pilgrims. Nasser says that the Keyi family does not have any records to show they are linked to the Keyi who built this building in Saudi Arabia.