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Drones revolutionizing world of real estate marketing

Sydney, Apr. 22 (ANI): Drones are now playing an important role in revolutionizing the world of real estate marketing.

Arial drones are being used to take photos of homes for sale from angles that have never been snapped before.

The remote-controlled devices are reaching unique photographic angles to showcase homes to maximum effect, capturing views, elevated perspectives and a property’s unique features.

Using the small remote-controlled copter and an iPhone, Saul Goodwin from Byron Bay has helped pioneer the newest twist to aerial photography; a drone equipped with a camera that travels up to 80km/h, news.com.au reports.

Goodwin said the drone is able to reach angles that helicopters can’t get close enough to, without putting human lives at risk.

In an industry still in its infancy, Goodwin appears to be one of the few to use the drone for real estate photography in Australia, the report added. (ANI)