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Gen Ys increasingly logging on to Internet to find love

Melbourne, April 21 (ANI): More and more GEN Y youths are turning to the internet to find love despite one in five still believing online dating is for “desperate people”.

Dating website eHarmony has revealed that registrations from those aged 18-24 have jumped by 381 per cent since 2008 in spite of the negative views towards looking for love online, The Courier Mail reported.

Spokeswoman Sarah Mason said other statistics showed one in 20 Queenslanders were currently internet dating while one in four Gen Ys knew at least one person who had tried it out.

According to Mason what is interesting is that everyone seems to be doing it, but no one seems to be talking about it.

Mason said online dating provided an alternative to the traditional pubs and clubs where many people find their dates. (ANI)