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Delhi shocker: Rapist inserts candle, bottle into minor girl’s private parts

New Delhi, Apr 20 (): Delhi once again has shamed and shocked the country after the gruesome rape of a five-year-old girl child just four months after the Delhi gang-rape case that sent shocking waves all around the world.

A five-year old girl child was held captive for four days by her neighbour who  raped the girl and inserted candle and bottle into her private part. The child at present is in the intensive care unit fighting for her life. Doctors who attended the child said that a 200 ml bottle and two or three pieces of candle were found inserted into her private part.

Talking to reporters, RK Bansal, medical superintendent, Swami Dayanand Hospital said that this is the first time he has come across such a brutal act with a five-year old child. The girl while admitted was running high temperature, said hospital officials. Injuries were found on her lips and cheeks and some marks on her neck indicating that the girl was tried to be stranglulated by the molester.

The incident happened when the girl went out to play. She was kidnapped by the accused living in the ground floor. He then locked her up in a room and kept her captive for four days, said the victim’s mother. The girl was rescued on the fourth day evening when members of her family heard her screaming, police said.

When the child’s father lodged a complaint, he was bribed by a policeman with Rs 2,000 for keeping silent. He also said that police were hesitant and unwilling to file a rape case and also acted late in locating his daughter.

The shocking incident once again resulted in a wide protest in East Delhi, where people came out to the street protesting outside the hospital where the girl is undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police once again received a blow after the ministry of home affairs demanded strict action against the irresponsible police official who showed negligence in his duty. The Minister ordered an immediate probe and directed to arrest the accused at once.