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Bradley Cooper opens up on why he lives with his mom

New York, Apr. 18 (ANI): Bradley Cooper has revealed that he moved in with his mother, Gloria, after his father, Charles, died in January 2011 after fighting a long battle with cancer.

“We’re surviving. Both of us. Let’s face it: It’s probably not easy for her, by the way, to be living with her son. It’s life,” the New York Post quoted him as saying.

He said that his family is very close, and his dad dying was brutal for all of them, he called it a schism, whose aftershock had not stopped.

The 38-year-old actor said that his mother lives in the next room.

The Oscar nominated star confessed that his living situation is “not without complications,” but added that he and his mother, who was his Oscars date this year, have a close relationship. (ANI)