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Windows ‘coming to dead end’, says tech analyst

Washington, Apr 17 (ANI): A top tech website has claimed the PC era is over, and Microsoft Windows is coming to a dead end.

Calling the latest operating system a “failure” and Microsoft’s leaders “idiots,” ZDNet’s well respected Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols pointed out that Metro-interface operating systems have already failed.

Vaughn-Nichols wrote in an essay on the site that ‘Microsoft is betting all its chips on the silly notion that Metro will be the one true interface for its entire PC and device line, Idiots’.

According to Fox News, Nichols’ perspective was supported by IDC analyst Jay Chou, who told The Wall Street Journal a similar story last week.

Vaugh-Nichols argued that users have responded to an operating system they simply don’t want by not buying PCs, turning instead to tablets.

And Windows 8 tablets have yet to catch on in the market, he said.

Windows tablets don’t even rate a blip in the 64 billion dollars tablet market, he added. (ANI)